Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges Manufacturer and Exporter in Qatar

Stainless steel weld neck flanges are at the same time the most common and the most important components of high-pressure piping systems. They are very good for the applications that require high reliability, resistance to corrosion and operating in very low and high temperatures. The main factor of their efficiency is the exclusive layout. Uniquely to weld neck flanges, they have a tapered neck that is merged together with the pipe in a seamless manner. This will be evenly done all over, so as to prevent weak points or breakages. While the extra weld is between the flange and the pipe, it goes onto the neck too, this adds to the load-bearing capability. In addition, stainless steel has the specific capacity to withstand corrosion more than carbon steel, thus making weld neck flanges a perfect match for the harshest environments like chemical plants, marine applications, and oil and gas refineries. Among stainless steel grades, there is a wide range to choose from to suit a particular type of media and temperature. With regard to the stainless steel welded neck flanges, which constitute a reliable and versatile solution, such weld neck flanges are a good choice for high-integrity piping systems.

Naysha Steel has done enough to be a worthy manufacturer and exporter of Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges and made a name in the industrial field in Qatar. This is what we have achieved with Naysha Steel flanges, and this is the level of excellence that we have incorporated in every flange that we manufacture. As a dependable partner in the market, we bring Weld Neck Flanges, the epitome of efficiency and durability, complying with regulations of Qatari industrial sector. Indeed, in the case of Naysha Steel, we comprehend that flanges play a crucial role in ensuring that the pipelines plus their connections maintain their integrity. Being of good quality and durability, the Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges can be used in many industries of Qatar. Our company’s flanges are widely known for high capacity and corrosion resistance, which is very beneficial in petrochemistry and for offshore oil drilling. As a reliable supplier, Naysha Steel is known for its quality wares that not just satisfy needs but also exceed those of our customers in Qatar. Choose Naysha Steel for Weld Neck Flanges that symbolize precision, durability and quality in every joint.

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Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges Manufacturer And Supplier in Qatar

Weld neck flanges serve as a vital part of pipe fitting systems since they are reliable and tight and are required in many industries. They are important in desperate conditions such as oil, and gas industries, chemical industries and energy plants where such flanges are essential in supporting to prevent stresses at the connections and given weak areas. Naysha Steel and Alloys company, the quality and innovation innovator, decided to manufacture robust weld neck flanges highly resistant to corrosion, which are used ultimately throughout all different industries. Our product range of models comprises products with stainless steel carbon steel, copper, and hastelloy manufacturing measuring materials using new tools and technologies for better accuracy and longevity. The objective of our business is to avail excellent client services, timely delivery and affordable prices in the market of Qatar as we are leading suppliers of weld neck flange. Contact us today and let us tell you more about our refined products and services.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges:

    The stainless steel weld neck flanges are associated with so many advantages as same to the other types of flanges. Take a look for the key benefits of stainless steel weld neck flanges.

  • High Strength: Weld neck flanges constructed from stainless steel are commonly used for their durability and long lifespan. They are pressure-resistant and applicable for tough applications.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Weld neck flanges are suitable for aggressive chemical environments, high heat, and corrosive substances because stainless steel does not rust and is corrosion-resistant. This resistance ensures a long service life.
  • Leak-Proof Design: Weld neck flanges with a long neck and smooth transition reduce stress and minimize movements, almost eliminating leaks. The secure connection offers a high level of security and reliability in critical processes.
  • Easy Installation: Weld neck flanges can be installed with basic welding knowledge in a short time, saving time and effort during maintenance or repair.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Many industries use stainless steel weld neck flanges due to their superior corrosion resistance and reliable sealing. They are ideal for chemical industries, energy production, the oil and gas industry, and marine operations.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While stainless steel weld neck flanges have higher initial acquisition costs, they are cost-effective in the long term due to lower maintenance costs and durability.
  • Compliance with Standards: Weld neck flanges are made in accordance with industry standards and regulations, ensuring good quality and reliability within different piping systems.

ASME B16.5 Weld Neck Flanges, ANSI 304 weld neck flanges and ANSI 300# weld neck flanges Manufacturer, Stainless Steel Class 105 weld neck flanges and Stainless Steel 316 weldneck Manufacturer And Exporter In Qatar

As an influential manufacturer and exporter of ASME B16.5 Weld Neck Flanges, Naysha Steel contributes to the progressive industrial landscape in Qatar. The quality and precision of these flanges is shown through the exactness of engineering and exquisiteness of the flange itself, adhering to the stringent ASME B16.5 standards. Known for the outstanding quality strength and sealing tightness, our Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges are the life savers in demanding applications such as oil and gas, chemical plants and power plants unique to the vibrant Qatari market.

Quality and innovation are highly valued aspects at Naysha Steel and with every flange we produce, they are all to the highest standards in the industry. In addition to the connection capability, ASME B16.5 Weld Neck Flanges additionally provide mechanical reinforcement to the connected pipework, alleviating stresses and strengthening against possible weak points. Being a faithful manufacturer, Naysha Steel provides more than just what is needed as the solutions that we offer now come with flange options that our clients in Qatar can customize to their liking Select Naysha Steel specialized in ASME B16.5 Weld Neck Flanges that symbolize accuracy, reliability and the implementation of International standards that will ease the whole process of Qatar’s industrial development.

Stainless Steel WeldNeck Flanges

Available sizes of Stainless Steel weld neck flanges in our Qatar shop:

Nominal Size Outside Diameter(OD) Min. Thickness(T) RF Dia.(R) No. of Bolt Holes Diameter of Holes Bolt Circle(BC) SO Bore ID(SB) WN Bore ID(WB) Dia. Hub Base(HB) Dia. of Hub Top(HT) SO LTH(SL) WN LTH(WL)
12 3.50 0.38 1.38 4 0.62 2.38 0.88 0.62 1.19 0.84 0.56 1.81
34 3.88 0.44 1.69 4 0.62 2.75 1.09 0.82 1.50 1.05 0.56 2.00
1 4.25 0.50 2.00 4 0.62 3.12 1.36 1.05 1.94 1.32 0.62 2.12
114 4.62 0.56 2.50 4 0.62 3.50 1.70 1.38 2.31 1.66 0.75 2.19
112 5.00 0.62 2.88 4 0.62 3.88 1.95 1.61 2.56 1.90 0.81 2.38
2 6.00 0.69 3.62 4 0.75 4.75 2.44 2.07 3.06 2.38 0.94 2.44
212 7.00 0.81 4.12 4 0.75 5.50 2.94 2.47 3.56 2.88 1.06 2.69
3 7.50 0.88 5.00 4 0.75 6.00 3.57 3.07 4.25 3.50 1.12 2.69
312 8.50 0.88 5.50 8 0.75 7.00 4.07 3.55 4.81 4.00 1.19 2.75
4 9.00 0.88 6.19 8 0.75 7.50 4.57 4.03 5.31 4.50 1.25 2.94
5 10.00 0.88 7.31 8 0.88 8.50 5.66 5.05 6.44 5.56 1.38 3.44
6 11.00 0.94 8.50 8 0.88 9.50 6.72 6.07 7.56 6.63 1.50 3.44
8 13.50 1.06 10.62 8 0.88 11.75 8.72 7.98 9.69 8.63 1.69 3.94
10 16.00 1.12 12.75 12 1.00 14.25 10.88 10.02 12.00 10.75 1.88 3.94
12 19.00 1.19 15.00 12 1.00 17.00 12.88 12.00 14.38 12.75 2.12 4.44
14 21.00 1.31 16.25 12 1.12 18.75 14.14 13.25 15.75 14.00 2.19 4.94
16 23.50 1.38 18.50 16 1.12 21.25 16.16 15.25 18.00 16.00 2.44 4.94
18 25.00 1.50 21.00 16 1.25 22.75 18.18 17.25 19.88 18.00 2.62 5.44
20 27.50 1.62 23.00 20 1.25 25.00 20.20 19.25 22.00 20.00 2.81 5.62
22 29.50 1.75 25.25 20 1.38 27.25 22.22 21.25 24.25 22.00 3.07 5.82
24 32.00 1.81 27.25 20 1.38 29.50 24.25 23.25 26.12 24.00 3.19 5.94

ASME B16.5, Stainless Steel 304 and SS 316, ANSI Class 150 and ANSI 300 Weld Neck Flanges Availablity In Qatar

stainless steel weld neck flanges manufacturer

Weld Neck Flanges, SS 304, SS 316, and also with ANSI Class 150 ANSI 300 # ratings, Naysha Steel stands as a global leader in industrial piping materials. Our flawless operation in Qatar has depicted us as an essential hub of numerous customers based in the region due to our abiding nature regarding quality, dependability, and customer gratification. Manufactured in best quality stainless steel material such as SS 304 and SS 316, our ASME B16.5 Weld neck flanges are very strong, durable and last long and best suited for harsh conditions the oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation industries.

The company, Naysha Steel provides a wide range of ASME B16.5 Weld Neck Flanges covering ANSI Class 150 and ANSI 300# ratings to meet the needs of different projects with a quick response. With high-pressure and temperature resistance our flanges provide high performance even under the most adverse conditions. There are numerous sizes and working pressure ratings to suit the demanding customers as well as a wide range of flange varieties that can be selected from. Naysha Steel further than conventional supplies offers special solutions in a shape of its cutting, drilling, coating services to achieve more exact fit and better functionality of piping infrastructures.

Because their resolve is with upholding the international standards, Naysha Steel and Alloys sure are regarded as a provider of flanges that are a manifestation of quality, accuracy, and soundness. In our dedication, we supply unmatched customer services, timely delivery and competitive rate to become the market leader of weld neck flanges in Qatar. Go for Naysha Steel to enjoy the perfect blend of quality, dependability and innovation in piping solutions.

Simple diagram to Understand of Weld Neck Flange Dimensions

Naysha Steel, a leading manufacturer and importer of Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges, along with being one of the influencer in Qatar, recognizes the importance of Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges which are crucial for multiple industries due to their cylindrical nature. Weld neck flanges have a distinct construction as welding the hub on the pipe’s end guarantees a reliable connection. The neck extends out which provides the supporting point of gliding flange face was flat and the other flange face was pressed in creating flange joint sealed. The dimensional accuracy shown in weld neck flanges is very important for fitment and best performance as shown in the associated figure that shows the main features of these flanges.

SS Weld Neck Flanges manufactuere, exporter

For sectors such as food processing, chemical processing, and water treatment, Naysha Steel’s SS 304 weld neck flanges are popular because of having very good corrosive resistance formability, and weldability. As for heavier corrosion environments – especially those caused by chlorides – SS 316 weld neck flanges are better acting as a defense. The choice of SS316L weld neck flanges in welding applications is evident as a result of their low carbon content reducing the possibility of carbide precipitation. On the basis while SS 410 weld neck flanges have wide acceptability as far as high-strength and abrasion-resistant applications are concerned, the sector is mining and construction equipment. For severe corrosion environments such as in the sectors of chemical processing or offshore oil and gas SS grades 904L weld neck flanges provide higher corrosion.

Selection of suitable stainless steel grade for the application of weld neck flanges including environmental conditions, temperature, pressure and application specific detail is a challenging decision. Naysha Steel advises that competent providers or engineers should be incorporated for ideal operation and life of welded neck flanges the project as a whole. Entrust Naysha Steel for high quality Precision engineered Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges that withstand harsh working conditions inherent in many industrial setups found in the state of Qatar.

Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flange Chemical Composition Table

Grade/ Marked Symbol Carbon (Max) Manganese (max) Silicon (maximum) Phosphorus (max) Sulfur (max) Chromium Molybdenum Nickel N
F304 0.08 2 0.75 0.045 0.030 18-20 - 8-11 -
F304L 0.035 2 1.00 0.045 0.030 18-20 - 8-13 -
F316 0.08 2 0.75 0.045 0.030 16-18 2-3 10-14 64.845
F316L 0.035 2 1.00 0.045 0.030 16-18 2-3 10-14 68.89


SS Weld Neck Flanges Price List in Qatar: Valid From 1st February 2024

Take a better look on price list of stainless steel and weld neck flanges in Qatar

WNRF FLANGES ASTM A182 F304 B16.5 150# SCH-40S Price
15mm 0.54 543.95 591.25 8.242 8.958 5.551 6.033 9.890 10.750
20mm 0.78 854.45 928.75 12.946 14.072 8.719 9.477 15.535 16.886
25mm 1.12 1009.70 1097.50 15.298 16.629 10.303 11.199 18.358 19.955
32mm 1.47 1179.90 1282.50 17.877 19.432 12.040 13.087 21.453 23.318
40mm 1.90 1475.45 1603.75 22.355 24.299 15.056 16.365 26.826 29.159
50mm 2.77 1707.75 1856.25 25.875 28.125 17.426 18.941 31.050 33.750
65mm 4.49 2717.45 2953.75 41.173 44.754 27.729 30.140 49.408 53.705
80MM 5.44 3105.00 3375.00 47.045 51.136 31.684 34.439 56.455 61.364
100mm 7.69 4347.00 4725.00 65.864 71.591 44.357 48.214 79.036 85.909
125mm 9.40 7452.00 8100.00 112.909 122.727 76.041 82.653 135.491 147.273
150mm 11.82 9315.00 10125.00 141.136 153.409 95.051 103.316 169.364 184.091
200mm 19.11 13972.50 15187.50 211.705 230.114 142.577 154.974 254.045 276.136
250mm 26.19 18630.00 20250.00 282.273 306.818 190.102 206.633 338.727 368.182


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Stainless Steel Flange Welding Neck ANSI 150, IS6392 Weld Neck Flanges, Weld Neck SS Flanges Manufacturer, UNS S31803 Weld Neck Flanges Stockist, UNS S31803 Weld Neck Flanges Manufacturers, UNS S31803 Weld Neck Flanges Exporter, UNS S32205 Weld Neck Flanges Stockist : Grades & Classes (#)

  • ASTM A182 F304/F304L: Standard austenitic stainless steel grade.
  • ASTM A182 F347/F347H: Stabilized stainless steel grade with niobium addition.
  • ASTM A182 F321/F321H: Stabilized stainless steel grade with titanium addition.
  • ASTM A182 F316/F316L: Austenitic stainless steel with enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • ASTM A182 F53: Super duplex stainless steel grade with excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Class 125: Class 125 Weld Neck Flange suitable for aggressive conditions.
  • Class 150: Weld neck flange design for low-pressure applications.
  • ASTM A182 F51: Duplex stainless steel grade with high strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Class 600: Weld Neck Flange Class 600 designed for high-pressure applications.
  • Class 300: Flanges suitable for moderate-pressure applications.

SS Flange Welding Neck 150, 18 300 Class SCH 80 Weld Neck Flange, 150# Weld Neck Flange SCH 80, Welding Neck Flanges SCH 40, SS Weld Neck Flanges Specifications

Specification Of : Weld Neck Stainless Steel Flanges
JIS Standards 5K, 10K, 40K, 16K 20K 30K, 63K
Size Of Bore Diameter Flange NPS ≤ 10
Manufacturer Of Standard Dimensions EN-1092 Flange, ASME B16.48 Flange, API605 Flange, BS4504 Flange, EN1092 Flange, UNI Flange, ISO Flange, API7S-43 Flange, ANSI/ASME B16.5 Flange, API7S-15 Flange, MSS S44 Flange, IS 2062 Flange, ASME B16.36 Flange, DIN Flange, AWWA C207 Flange, B16.47 Series A & B Flange, BS1560-3.1 Flange, ISO70051 Flange, API Flange, ASME Code for 12 inches Welding Neck Flanges.
Minimum Pressure 150# To 2500#
Flange Face Type Raised Face, Groove And Small Tongue Groove, RTJ, Weld Neck Flanges Flat Face, Large Tongue & Large Male-Female And Small Male-Female, Lap-Joint Face.
Top Six Type Of Flanges Threaded, Lap Joint, Socket-Weld, Blind, Slip-On or Weld Neck Flanges
Standard Materials Duplex Steel & Super Duplex Steel, Copper Nickel, Wrought Iron, Inconel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Cast Iron, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel.
Thickness Length NPS ≤ 18
Welding neck flanges size (1/2") To (48")
Manufacturing Process Forged/ Machined/ Heat Treated
Other Type Of Flange Forged/ Plate/ Threaded
Application Oil And Gas Industry Power Plants Industry Food Processing And Manufacturing Waterworks Systems Fossil Fuel Power Plants Nuclear Power Application Municipal Pipe Systems


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stainless steel weldneck flange?

A stainless steel weldneck flange is a type of pipe flange designed to be welded onto the neck of a pipe. It provides a smooth, high-strength connection for joining pipes, valves, and other equipment. All the standard Flange dimensional sizes are Readily available at any Naysha Steel branch in Qatar.

What types of stainless steel material grades are used for weldneck flanges?

Common stainless steel materials include 304, 316, and 321, among others. The choice of stainless steel grade depends on the specific application and the required corrosion resistance.

What sizes are available for stainless steel weldneck flanges?

Stainless steel weldneck flanges are available in a wide range of sizes, typically ranging from 1/2 inch to several feet in diameter. The size you need depends on your specific piping system requirements. All the standard Flange dimensional sizes are Readily available at any Naysha Steel branch in Qatar.

Can stainless steel weldneck flanges be used with other pipes?

Yes, stainless steel weldneck flanges can be used with pipes made of other materials, provided the flange material is compatible with the pipe material, and the connection is properly sealed.

Industries served by Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges In Qatar

In the oil and gas industry, blind Alloy Steel flanges are used in pipelines, storage tanks, and offshore platforms. They are employed for closing off openings during maintenance, repair, or when a branch connection is not required. Petrochemical plants utilize blind Alloy Steel flanges in equipment such as reactors, distillation columns, and storage vessels. These flanges provide a secure and leak-proof seal when closing off unused openings or isolating sections of the process.

oil gas manufacturer
Oil and Gas Industries

The oil and gas industry includes a wide range of from drilling and production to refining and marketing. Some of the major players in this include oil and gas companies, service providers, equipment.

petroleum manufacturer supplier
Petroleum Industries

In the drilling process, stainless steel is used to make drill bits, pipes, and other equipment that must withstand high pressures and temperatures. Stainless steel is also used to make pumps, valves, and fittings for the transportation.

chemical flanges
Shipbuilding in India

In storage applications, stainless steel is used to make tanks and containers that can safely store corrosive and hazardous chemicals. It is also used in piping systems for chemical transfer and distribution chemical industry.

Marking & Pricing

Products are packaged to ensure that there is no damage during of goods transport. In case of exports, standard export packaging is done with utmost care in wooden covering or boxing. All products are marked with Grade, Lot No, Size, Degree and our trade mark. On special requests we can also, make customized marking on our products.

Quality Assurance

At Naysha Steel, all fittings and flanges are subject to strict inspection at each and every stage of the production process, from starting material purchasing to product dispatch. They are visually examined for compliance to ASTM, ASME, MSS, DIN, EN, and JIS codes and standards. Upon request, official certified Inspection Agencies can be called in to witness the material reports, dimensions and quality compliance of products.

Test Certificates: Manufacturer Test Certificate as per EN 10204 / 3.1B Raw Materials Certificate, 100% Radiography Test Report, Third Party Inspection Report