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Naysha Steel and its weld neck flange provision is an outstanding manufacturer and supplier company for the stainless steel industry. Habing found widespread allure for accuracy and durability, Naysha Steel provides best products of class for which all other industry standards are set as their benchmarks. While there is a concerted effort towards the giving users the ultimate satisfaction, they subscribe to the principles of quality. High performance is therefore guaranteed for multiple purposes.

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One of the Largest Manufacturer of Flanges

"Naysha Steel is a heavyweight name in the industry of manufacturing devices and it is listed as one of the largest enterprises producing flanges. Diamond-hard pursuit of quality, talented staff crew, latest engineering practices are the tools that make Naysha Steel the ruler of the flange production industry."

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Largest Supplier of Flanges

"Naysha Steel,an indubitable contender in flange manufacturing,fabricates for the market a varied choice of stainless steel flanges.The range includes weld neck,slip-on,blind,threaded,and lap joint flanges.Drawing its strength in producing stain less steel flanges, Naysha Steel exemplifies what excellence should be in the business."

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Our Products

Naysha Steel, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, stands as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel flanges. Crafted with precision, Naysha steel flanges boast a distinctive long, shaped neck, ensuring robust and leak-proof connections through welding. Ideal for high-pressure and high-temperature applications, these Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges combine lightweight design and easy installation, catering to both low-pressure and low-temperature scenarios. Additionally, Naysha Steel's threaded flanges provide secure screw-on attachment, perfect for low-pressure applications. Count on Naysha Steel for customized, top-tier stainless steel flanges tailored to your specific requirements

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Stainless Steel Flanges

Naysha Steel takes pride in crafting and delivering premium stainless steel flanges, celebrated for their enduring strength and corrosion resistance. Meticulously designed to meet industry benchmarks, our flanges assure reliability. Available in varied sizes and configurations, Naysha Steel's offerings cater seamlessly to applications in oil and gas, petrochemicals, and construction. Rely on us for dependable flange solutions tailored to your needs. Opt for us today for custom Steel fabrication and Steel pipe flange needs that meet your specifications.

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Copper Flanges

In the field of copper flange fabrication, we boast of our competence in craftsmanship. At Naysha Steel, our specialty is the manufacturing of high-quality copper flanges.' Having a differentiated knowledge of our team, this will also mean a wide range of flange options to meet distinctive industrial needs. Among our product lines, high quality copper flanges are a great example of the exceptional durability along with corrosion resistance and uniform dimensions that make these products stand out in a multitude of applications.

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Carbon Steel Flanges

Naysha Steel's products are our point of pride—the very best, carbon-steel flanges available with a massive range of superior quality." Our carbon steel flanges represent the very best steel that is remarkably strong and lasting in a wide range of industrial uses. Our reputation in reliability and precision is unmatched and we have served the needs of industries globally with our cylindrical flanges that are customized according to user's requirements. Let us get you the customizable and reliable system that is fit for your needs.


Alloy Steel Flanges

Naysha Steel takes immense pride in the artistry and delivery of superior Alloy Steel Flanges, celebrated for their robust strength and unparalleled corrosion resistance. Meticulously designed to surpass industry benchmarks, our flanges guarantee unwavering reliability. With a diverse range of sizes and configurations, Naysha Steel's offerings seamlessly cater to applications across oil and gas, petrochemicals, and construction. Count on us for dependable alloy steel flange solutions crafted to your unique needs. Choose Naysha Steel today for bespoke steel fabrication and alloy steel pipe flange requirements that precisely align with your specifications.

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Hastelloy Flanges

In the realm of Hastelloy flange production, Naysha Steel proudly showcases our craftsmanship prowess. Specializing in the creation of top-notch Hastelloy flanges, our skilled team ensures a diverse array of options to meet unique industrial requirements. Our product line exemplifies the exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and uniform dimensions that set Hastelloy flanges apart in various applications. We bring a differentiated knowledge and commitment to delivering high-quality Hastelloy flanges tailored to your specific needs. Choose Naysha Steel today for bespoke steel fabrication and alloy steel pipe flange requirements.


Copper Nickel Flanges

"At Naysha Steel, we take immense pride in our signature products – the finest Copper Nickel Flanges offering an extensive range of unparalleled quality. Our Copper Nickel Flanges epitomize excellence in strength and durability, catering to a diverse spectrum of industrial applications. Renowned for our unmatched reputation in reliability and precision, we have consistently met the global demands of various industries with our specialized cylindrical flanges, tailored to users' unique requirements. Let us provide you with a customizable and trustworthy system that perfectly aligns with your specific needs in the realm of Copper Nickel Flanges."

Leading Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Flanges

Naysha Steel offers the best in this sector, highly regarded for our dedication to quality and close approximation to engineering precision standards." Substantiated by richly years of experience, we provide a wide selection of flanges that have a wide range of applications. We have endeavored to maintain our lead position in the industrial domain for stainless steel flanges market by providing nothing less than innovation and high-quality product delivery to our customers. Pick Naysha Steel which ensures a reverse stress-free experience and quality tailor-made solutions meeting your needs.

About Us

The stainless-steel flanges are among the essential elements of piping systems as they allow for uniting pipes, valves, pumps, and equipment by connecting them." The components consist of high-grade stainless steel minimum of 10.5 % chromium, which offers outstanding corrosion resistance. These flanges might be employed in demanding environments which include exposure to moisture or chemicals. Wide range of customizable features built into this is flanges; including the weld neck, slip-on, threaded, socket weld, and the blind flanges which are aimed to specific pipes and equipment. There are each bolt that are designed with various design configurations and installation characters, require the customers to choose the proper flange type for their application. Ultimately, the stainless steel flanges are proven to be durable and reliable by virtue of performance in the heavy duty piping and equipment connections across various industries.


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Flanges at the core of the oil and gas industry, through them pipes can be joined with valves coming superland across pipelines, refineries and offshore platforms." Piping fittings in the chemical industry are pipeline connections and valves that link pipes and equipment across a broad range of chemical plants and production lines. Elsewhere, gaskets are crucial in bolstering ease of pipework in this field, allowing the insertion of pipes and valves inside the steam turbines. The flanges are essential in the processes due to their multipurpose utilization and relevance to many sectors, including the oil and gas, chemical and power generation.



Naysha Steel staff is made up experienced executives and managers that play a major role in providing strategic decision making for the company. They are supported from within by our experienced sales staff, marketing heads, and customer support representatives who work towards convincing and selling our superior quality stainless steel flanges. Our production and manufacturing teams, which are well-versed in material flow and logistics, maintain a close connection with their internal supply network in order to facilitate smooth workflow. Your assurance: Trust our team to be the backbone of the company to make the best in the various aspects of the operations.


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"In the manufacturing process, flanges are created using lathes cutting, which is directed at sizing and shaping flanges into the desired diameter and shape. Automation is the core with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machineries playing a dominant role producing flanges all sizes and shapes in varied details. The stamping or pressing flange into its final shape belongs to the other advanced techniques which are in contrast to the rolling processes that creates a round configuration of the flange. These cutting-edge technologies provide an assurance for the good quality of flanges after production, which has already been precise and consistent.


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