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We represents considerable authority in assembling Flange and consistent steel Flange and manufactured Flange.

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One of the Largest Manufacturer of Flanges

Stainless steel flanges are a type of piping component used to connect pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment in a piping system.

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Largest Supplier of Flanges

The company specializes in the production of different types of stainless steel flanges, including weld neck, slip-on, blind, threaded, and lap joint flanges.

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Our Products

Naysha Steel, based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel flanges. Naysha steel flanges are exactly made with a long, shaped neck that ensures a robust and leak-proof connection when welded to the pipe. Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges find general usage in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. They own the advantage of organism lightweight and easy to install, making them suitable for low-pressure and low-temperature situations as well. Moreover, Stainless Steel Flanges are designed to slip over the pipe and are securely connected, serving as effective end tops in piping systems. Blind flanges are particularly beneficial for systems that require periodic cleaning or checkup. With threaded flanges, Naysha Steel ensures a suitable screw-on attachment to the pipe, making them suitable for low-pressure applications. Trust Naysha Steel for top-notch stainless steel flanges custom-made to your specific needs.

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Stainless Steel Flanges

Naysha Steel specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-quality stainless steel flanges. Renowned for their durability and corrosion resistance, our flanges are meticulously crafted to meet industry standards. With a wide range of sizes and configurations, we cater to diverse applications across sectors like oil and gas, petrochemicals, and construction. Trust Naysha Steel for reliable flange solutions.

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Copper Flanges

Naysha Steel specializes in manufacturing high-quality Copper Flanges. With expertise in the field, they offer a wide range of flange options tailored to meet diverse industrial requirements. Naysha Steel's copper flanges are known for their exceptional durability, excellent corrosion resistance, and precise dimensions, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance in various applications.

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Carbon Steel Flanges

Naysha Steel specializes in carbon steel flanges, offering a wide range of high-quality products. Their carbon steel flanges exhibit exceptional strength and durability, making them ideal for various industrial applications. With a reputation for reliability and precision, Naysha Steel consistently delivers top-notch flanges that meet the demands of diverse industries worldwide.

Leading Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Flanges

Naysha Steel is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel flanges, renowned for exceptional quality and precision engineering. With years of expertise, they deliver a wide range of flanges, meeting diverse industrial requirements. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction makes them a trusted choice in the stainless steel flange industry.

About Us

Stainless steel flanges are a type of piping component used to connect pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment in a piping system. They are typically made from high-quality stainless steel, which is a type of steel alloy that contains at least 10.5% chromium. This gives stainless steel excellent resistance to corrosion, making it an ideal material for use in harsh environments where exposure to moisture or chemicals can cause other materials to corrode. Stainless steel flanges come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles, and they are designed to fit specific types of pipes and equipment. Some of the most common types of stainless steel flanges include weld neck flanges, slip-on flanges, threaded flanges, socket weld flanges, and blind flanges. Each type of flange has its own unique design features and installation requirements, so it's important to choose the right type of flange for your specific application. Overall, stainless steel flanges are a durable and reliable option for connecting pipes and equipment in a wide range of industries.


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Flanges are used extensively in the oil and gas industry to connect pipes and valves in pipelines, refineries, and offshore platforms. Flanges are used in the chemical industry to connect pipes and equipment used in the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and plastics. Flanges are used in the power generation industry to connect pipes and valves in steam turbines.



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These are used to turn the flange on a lathe, which cuts the flange to the desired size and shape. Computer numerical control (CNC) machines are used to automate the production of flanges. These machines can be programmed to produce flanges of various sizes and shapes. These are used to stamp or press the flange into shape. These are used to roll the flange into a circular shape.


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